More From Our E-Cig Collection

A sensation that has been gripping the world, the e-cigarette is slowly becoming more and more popular. Those who are interested in saving money and improving their health have decided to give it a try. By taking a look at what we offer, you will find that we have a range of different cigarettes for you to choose from. We have plenty of different models, so every need will be satisfied. Do not forget about the e-liquids either. These liquids come in a range of different flavours that you can try out. Above all, you will be able to save a lot more money.

Choosing Your Cigarette

When you decide to get a cigarette, it is a good idea to understand just how they work. The e-cig is actually what is known as a “personal vapouriser”. These devices work by causing the atomiser to literally vapourise the nicotine liquid that the cigarette contains. In a lot of models, it is possible to change the cannister but you can also reuse them. Anyone who is interested in using one of these will be able to enjoy what it gives you. It is always important to choose a cigarette that you are comfortable with.

Kits and More

Most of the devices that you see here are going to come in a kit. The standard kit will have a case for you to keep your cigarette in. The kit will also have a charger that you can plug into your computer as well as a few extra cannisters. Naturally, it will have a battery as well. The battery is normally designed to last for a day or so, so you will need to charge it up at night. Regardless, this can give you a lot of smoking time.

There are other varieties available as well. If you are still a fan of traditional cigarettes then you can choose the smaller batteries. These batteries look exactly like normal cigarettes and therefore give you all of the usual sensations. The only difference is that you will not be smoking tobacco. Unfortunately, smaller batteries do not last as long. many people who prefer the cigarette-like vapourisers will normally have several that they can carry around. Since we have several brands on offer on our website, you will need to take a look at electronic cigarette reviews. This will give you a better idea of what you will find.


Are electronic cigarettes safe? This is a question that a lot of people pose. It is important to remember that there are very few chemicals in the nicotine liquid itself. A lot of the time it is just water, vegetable glycerine, food flavouring and, of course, nictoine. You can also get liquids without nicotine.

Make sure to call us if you want to know anything else about the e-cig. We have a whole range available for our new and returning customers so you will be able to find something that you need as soon as possible. Always make sure to contact us.