Most Luxurious E Cigarette in The World

How far does your budget stretch to when it comes to giving up smoking? E cigarettes have been in the media for a while now ,because of their success stories when it comes to helping smokers give up – however this week they hit the headlines for entirely different reasons.

According to reports last week, an e cigarette was commissioned to the value of £500,000 – unsurprisingly the whole stick was diamond encrusted. It is rumoured to have been ordered by the partner of a lady – he’s a Russian oil tycoon and wanted to encourage her to give up the nasty habit.

Reportedly made with nearly 250 diamonds it will come as no surprise that it took over 16 weeks for this quite smoking device to be created. On top of the diamonds it is covered in nearly 50 yellow Swarovski crystals and one main shows stopping oval diamond (which alone is worth £46,000). Hand made from Venetian glass and with a 24-carat gold button – the value of this e cigarette soon adds up!

Lavish e cigarettes have been hitting the headlines over recent weeks, with Stephen Ireland (Stoke City Footballer) recently launched e cigarettes retailing at £150 each – which are gold plated! Of course this doesn’t match the £500,000 price tag of the exquisite e cigarette above.

It is thought that despite its luxurious shell, the actual mechanics work in exactly the same as traditional e cigarettes that many of us smoke.


How do you feel about splashing out on something like this? Would you be tempted if you had their bank balance?