New CloudCig Clearomiser

Here at CloudCig we’re always believed that the customer (that’s you) is always right, so when you review our products and give us recommendations on how to improve them, we listen. We believe that customer feedback is an important part of progress and that with your help we can significantly improve our products and ensure that you keep getting the high standard e-cigs you’ve come to associate our company with. So what’s new about our clearomiser?

Easier to fill up

Some users experienced a bit of a difficulty filling up the clearomiser with e-liquid. That is a necessary process if you want to get a whiff of that sweet, sweet vapour. Because the clearomiser is one of the most crucial components of the e-cig, we decided to alter the design a bit so we could accommodate the easier refill of the device. Now, the whole process has been simplified and should at no point pose any difficulty.

Easier Air Flow

With the new design, you should notice the air flow has been significantly improved, allowing you to create more vapour with less effort. After all, that’s what it’s all about – the vapour. It is now a bit denser, so aside from getting your nicotine fix from it, you will also be pleased with a much deeper taste.

Coil Adjustments 

CloudCig’s products have always been held in high regard, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. This is why constant improvements are needed in order to keep out clients happy. The coil is the part of the clearomiser that heats up the e-liquid, thus creating the vapour. Without it, there is no e-cigarette. The problem with the coil is that it has to be properly adjusted in order to give the optimum results. If it doesn’t get enough power from the battery (for example, if there is a high coil resistance), then you won’t get enough vapour. In fact, some of the earlier e-cigarettes used to have this problem where if you didn’t inhale properly, your mouth would fill up with e-liquid (and let me tell you, it’s not as delicious as when it vaporises). However, too much power and the e-liquid burns out too fast, leaving you with an unpleasant bitter taste in your mouth. That’s why, after careful calculations and our users recommendations, we believe we’ve achieved the optimum level of coil adjustment for that sweet vapour we all love so much.

Battery Improvements

Because we’ve tweaked the clearomiser design, we had to introduce some changes to the battery, as well. The connection has been improved, and placing and removing it are now much easier. All of this should translate into a smoother experience, better vapour, and ultimately more satisfaction. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.