No-Panic Guide To Switching

First of all, I need to get this hatred off of my chest.

As an avid smoker, I hate no-smoking day. It’s that time of the year where all the do-gooders who never tried smoking all their life go about preaching how it is relatively easy to quit. Though they mean well for the environment, they go to the point where they shame those who smoke. They try to shove the phrases, “Just say no!” or “It’s really easy to quit, you can do it anytime!” in your face, when in reality, they don’t know half of the things they’re saying since they haven’t experienced smoking at all.

These types of people are the sole reason why most of us switch to alternative smoking. And, if you’re panicking about switching since that time of the year is closing in again, we present to you a solution!

This guide serves as a no-panic guide to switching from cigarettes e-cigarettes.

#1 Don’t Panic!

First off, this is not NRT. There’s no need to go spend hours and hours sitting in therapy just to quit smoking. This no-panic guide will teach you how to avoid the problems of no-smoking day- while enjoying the benefits of it!

#2 E-Cigarettes: How to start?

There are countless e-cigarettes in the market today that choosing one, especially if you’re new to the vaping scene, can be overwhelming.

There are hundreds of options for coils, atomizers, etc… that choosing one can be troublesome if you are choosing on your own.

For starters, you can ask the customer support service. They will know what would be the best type for you. If you’re not keen on talking to customer support, you can ask your friends who are vaping. If that still doesn’t work, you can go to forums to ask questions or even ask a random guy on the street who is vaping. The important thing to remember before you switch is to know what you’ll be getting into. Knowing what you’ll be doing prior to switching will be important in your switching phase.

But of course, switching from cigarette to e-cigarettes is like going cold turkey on quitting- it takes several attempts to be successful. The trick here is to not give up finding the right set up for you. From the battery up until the atomizer and the e-liquid you’ll be using, it must be taken into account that you must enjoy these things otherwise it’s pointless to be using it. From then on, vaping should be much more fun for you! And, if you’re ever thinking that it’s all too complicated, think about it as an investment that will benefit you in the future. Just make sure you find the right setup for you.

Trying before buying is one thing that most would do whenever they plan on purchasing an e-cigarette. Try our stores or resellers for a wonderful opportunity. We don’t just promise you with top-quality e-cigarettes, you can even try them out yourself for a first-hand awesome experience!

#3 Try several flavors!

Once you’ve got the e-cigarette, the fun part starts: choosing the e-liquid!

When we smoke, even with the emerging flavors, one taste of it still overpower the others: burning. However, when vaping, you’ve got the opportunity to choose between hundreds of flavors that smells heavenly!

And, since you’re trying to quit smoking, we’ve got tobacco flavors, too. That way, you can ease yourself into quitting. But, there are also other flavors that’ll help you avoid the taste of tobacco altogether. This is not a case where you have to pick just one- you can have both!

There’s no need to worry about the risk of trying out flavors that you might hate! We have multipack offers online and we’ll allow you to try most of them. This way, you can try out the flavors throughout the day in order to get the right mix you want. You can mix them up to get the right vapor and throat hit you would enjoy.

#4 Be gentle

Of course, since you’ve been a smoker before, chances are you’re having a hard time adjusting. There’s no need to rush! Usually, it takes an individual 21-94 days to successfully switch. Though it may take several attempts to do it, the important thing to remember is that you must enjoy your transition period.

#5 Enjoy!

Lastly, enjoy! Don’t vape just because you have to, do it because you want to! Together with the flavors, the community, and vaping by CloudCig in general, the idea should be to have fun with it! That, and you can kiss smoking goodbye!