Our E-cigs : Your Best Pick

With the trend of electronic cigarettes fast catching up, you will find it difficult to make a choice when it comes to picking up this safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. We are the leading manufacturers of high quality e cigs for we take pride in whatever we do. The motto of our company is to provide our customers with the highest quality of e cigarettes in UK. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we are the pioneers of electric cigs in the market that is very well evidenced by the number of our and satisfied client base from different quarters of the country as well as the world. You can choose this company for we offer only the best and nothing short of it and that too at the simple click of a mouse.


What is an Electronic Cigarette All About?

E cigarettes are the right substitutes for conventional cigarettes. These electric cigarettes truly mimic the appearance as well as the functionality of traditional butts. An e cig makes use of a heating element for vapourising a liquid solution for producing a vapor like gas instead of smoke. A majority of these electric cigarettes don’t contain nicotine which means that you can enjoy smoking that is totally tobacco free.

Safety and Quality Delivered

We are one of the largest companies selling e cigarette online as we have sold nearly millions of our products across the world. Our laboratories are all geared up as per the latest technological innovations in the field of these electronic cigs so that you can have: a high smoke volume, rich flavor and last but not the least the freedom to smoke easily and without any hesitation even when you have your loved ones around.

Our electric cigs are made up of an advanced shield of vapor that results in a peculiar robust flavor that our e-cig is famous for. Moreover, the freshness and flavor of the vapor is sealed in a perfectly designed e cig so that you are able to experience an unmatched experience while smoking these cigs. The body has been designed in such a manner that the e liquid and vapor aren’t able to damage the battery come what may. This means that your battery will last long and give you optimum results.

The facilities at which we manufacture the electronic cigarettes have been certified by experts so that it meets the international quality control standards. You can remain assured that every batch of e liquid that is manufactured by our experts has been tested for purity as well as the desired quality by checking its impurity level and the consistency of nicotine present.

The batteries that we make are only shipped when they pass safety and airflow tests. The cartridges are checked for their consistency in terms of the volume of the smoke and are sealed tightly so that the freshness of flavour can be ensured.

Contact our Experienced Team, If you Have any Doubts

We understand it very well that the requirements of experts as well as starters when it comes to making use of these e liquid filled cigarettes are different. Hence we have a team of dedicated customer care executives who are there to help you choose the best option for you in case you are unable to decide the kit as per your requirements. Our round the clock customer service is there to answer all the queries and doubts that you have.

True Value for Your Money

We offer our customers the best quality e cigarettes in town at the most affordable rates. Even if you will find another product at a lower rate we can ensure you that it will surely falter on the quality front. Our quality is what customers can vouch for.

Its time to make your life smoke-free with our e cig starter kits!