Our Top E-Cig Buying Tips

If you’ve finally decided to switch over to electronic cigarettes, good for you! You are finally taking a proactive step to control your smoking and using e-cigarettes will definitely help you. An electronic cigarette is tar-free and it does not contain toxins, which can injure your body and your lungs. As the e-cigs are free of emissions, they also do not generate secondary smoke or harmful poisons. Most cities now allow public e-cig use as it does not have the traditional ash-like smell of tobacco. If you are interested in switching over to electronic cigarettes, we do have several tips that will help you choose the right brand and company.


Determine what type of smoker you are.

Smokers are categorized as light, moderate and heavy smokers. Most companies produce e-cigs that are specifically designed for different types of smokers. For example, if you are a heavy smoker and you smoke more than 2 packets of cigarettes per day, you might find it difficult to adapt to the cheaper e-cig brands as they have milder flavors and lesser smoke volume. We recommend that you first decide on the type of smoker you are and then select a brand or a company. You should know though that good websites or e-cig companies will have detailed categories like flavor, smoke volume, battery life and nicotine content of e-cig that will help you choose the right e-cig for yourself.

Quality vs. cost

You can now find locally made e-cig brands that are just as good but cost very little. You will still find starter kits that are priced really high and offer a range of different options but we recommend you start with the basic starter kit. We offer several brands of really great e-cigs and the price range starts at about £24. This is a starter kit and has just the basic components of one battery, one variety of charger and a small number of cartridges. For heavy-duty smokers, we have upgraded kits that average around £40 to about £80 or more. If you are buying an e-cig for the first time, we recommend that you start with a cheaper brand and then move over to an expensive version as you get used to this method of smoking.

Battery life and charging options

A good battery should run for the entire day and offer about 340 puffs. Once the battery runs out, it should be chargeable through different options like a USB charger or a household outlet charger. Some kits also offer a car charger and a portable battery pack. However, most portable battery packs are not reliable and they are only recommended for heavy smokers who need to smoke.

There are many cigarette varieties to choose from and patrons may prefer brands like Aspire kits or Kangertech. No matter what brand you choose, we recommend that you buy your kit and supplies from a reputable company like us. We are a reliable and experienced company and we’ve have been dealing with the e-cig business for a very long time. Try out our website and read our basic articles to get started on your very first electronic cigarette.

Happy Vaping!