Quality Electronic Cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes have revolutionised smokers around the world. As more and more studies are done on the safety of electronic cigarettes, companies have enacted more rigorous quality standards. Since 2010, there have been advances in electronic cigarette design, regulation and legislation

CloudCig is constantly conducting studies on e-cigarettes and is making advances in the way electronic cigarettes are designed and manufactured. Furthermore, CloudCig is helping to raise awareness and educating people on the benefits of switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. The company offers a Starter kit and a Premium kit for its users.

Because of this constantly changing industry, some unsafe products can make it to the shelf. To protect yourself from these unsafe products, buy on high-quality electronic cigarettes that have proven to be safe. At CloudCig, each e cig kit is tested to ensure safety and quality. When shopping for an electronic cigarette, ask these questions.

Does the manufacturer have a website?

Before purchasing any electronic cigarette, ensure that the company has an online website. Any company who does not have a website is probably selling poor quality items. Once you have verified the company has a website, check their site out. Does it look legitimate? If there is broken English or numerous grammatical or spelling errors, the company is probably fishy and should be avoided.

Does your electronic cigarette leak?

This is one of the telltale signs of a poor quality e-cigarette. Nothing is worse than a leaky electronic cigarette, the e-liquid can get into your mouth or leak in your purse or on your clothing.

Does your electronic cigarette battery get hot?

Electronic cigarettes that get very hot during use is a red flag. Although some heat should be expected while using your e-cigarette, your electronic cig should not be so hot as it can burn you. If you e-cigarette is doing this, it is time to invest in a new electronic cigarette, such as the CloudCig Pro Kit.

How does your e-liquid taste?

Low-quality e-liquids taste bad, and they can be dangerous. CloudCig e-liquid is manufactured using he highest pharmaceutical grade of nicotine available. Additionally, CloudCig uses USP-grade propylene glycol. Other ingredients found in CloudCig e-liquid include natural and artificial flavors.

Do your e-cig and e-liquid have the CE marking?

The European Union requires CE markings on a variety of products. If your electronic cigarette and supplies have this marking, it means that the manufacturing process has followed the EU legislation requirement. In order for CloudCig to get the CE certificate, they had to undergo rigours quality inspections and assessments.

Where do you purchase your electronic cigarette? 

There are many places to purchase an electronic cigarette. However, all of them are not the same. If you purchase your electronic cigarette from a street vendor or a fly by night company, you may get a dangerous low-quality electronic cigarette.