Should A Smoker Date A Vaper?

If you know history, then you’ll now that literature has a history of pairing up odd couples. Whether people are separated by life, flaws of circumstances we hear of so many love stories where couples are separate for so many reasons. Ok, it might not be to the extremes of Romeo and Juliet, but can a vaper and a smoker really live together in harmony?

Of course, the Romeo and Juliet comparison might be a little exaggerated but with electronic cigarettes being quite new in the grand scheme of things, do they work in harmony in a household with a real smoker?

We know that relationships are generally not smooth sailing (if Romeo and Juliet taught us anything, that was it) but does the way people get their nicotine fix really affect how a relationship could pan out?

A lot of the time it could be small niggles that can make a big difference. For example a smoker having to go outside on a cold winters night to have a cigarette, where as their partner being able to vape inside and stay warm. This can easily cause bad feeling – after all, who likes being outside in the cold!?

It could be that the vaper runs out of battery or e liquid and has no way to get hold of some straight away, while the smoker is happily puffing away on their cigarette – bad feeling all round.

Small arguments might happen about whether either of them should be allowed to be used in the home – they both smell different, but is one better or worse than the other? Having separate packets to smoke from shouldn’t cause a problem because most smokers do, but what about the vast difference in cost for using both of this which could cause bad feeling.

It mainly comes down to compromise and how strong a relationship is. There is a very slim chance that any couple will have all of the same interests so smoking and vaping should be no different. You’ll have to learn how to work together to make sure that your difference in nicotine choices doesn’t cause a rift between you.

With an estimated 1.3 million vapers now in the UK it seems that there is every chance that a smoker could end up falling for one. It seems that the best way for them to co-exist is to compromise but also to set rules before hand – are you allow to enjoy your habit inside for example. That way you avoid any arguments and bad feelings about this later down the line.