Why Smokers are Less Attractive Than E Cig Users

If you have made the switch from cigarettes to electronic versions, one of the first things you’ll notice is that your clothes smell better. When you consider how quickly you notice this difference, it stands to reason that those around you are too!

Your Clothing

There can be no denying that when you are a smoker your clothes smell. The smoke from traditional cigarettes clings to our clothes and this is something that we can’t really get away from. This smell is really unattractive and something that could put other people off of dating us. Electronic cigarettes don’t have this same smell and that is a definite advantage.

Your Skin

If you smoke then the chances are that you will develop wrinkles. Traditional cigarettes tend to let out heat which means that you could end up squinting and this will cause crow’s feet to start up around your eyes. If you are a smoker then you are three times more likely to get wrinkles in your face compared to someone who doesn’t smoke.

On top of that you have the fact that tobacco smoke dries really out your skin which can really affect the quality of your skin too. These are all problems that are avoided when you choose to use electronic cigarettes so you tend to look younger for longer.

Your Face

Another thing that is affected by you smoking cigarettes is your hair. The smoke from cigarettes clings to your hair which can make it smell really bad, which is something that no one enjoys.

Everyone knows that your breath and your teeth are also affected by you smoking too! No one wants to kiss someone that smells like an ashtray. This is another thing that electronic cigarettes help you avoid as they do not smell or stain your teeth.

Your Hands

Your hands are also really affected by smoking, because they are tinges yellow by the smoke from cigarettes. If you don’t want yellow fingers and finger nails then electronic cigarettes are the way forward for you.