Smoking And E Cigarettes – Everything You Need To Know

People are always looking into smoking and the use of e cigarettes so it probably not surprising that Smoking in England have recently released some new statistics. Research gained through Smoking ToolKit Study and using national data has been made available for everyone to have a read through.

This research has looked into different areas but it has a big section on tracking e-cigarette usage and looking at how this has changed over recent years and whether it has helped attempts at giving up smoking to be more successful. It also looks at what changes have been seen in the tobacco industry as a whole.

One of the more surprising pieces of data learnt from this study is that the increase in e cigarette users has stalled. Although lots of people are still using e cigarettes (especially ex smokers) there isn’t the growth in the sale of them that we have seen previously. There are different theories behind this but it seems that it could be because lots of ex smokers already use tem and people who are dual users (those who smoke traditional cigarettes too) aren’t taking them up as much as they have in the past.

Professor Robert West recently took part in a Twitter conversation about this whole topic. He said that a study separate to this one showed that e cigarettes are really most commonly used by those who fall into the dual category. It seems that many people who smoke traditional tobacco find that long term use of e-cigs doesn’t give them the nicotine hit that they need so they tend to smoke traditional cigarettes alongside these. That said, more research is needed on this topic before we can confirm that.

What the study did show is that the age range of people who use electronic cigarettes is quite vast with people aged between 25-54 being the main users. What it also shows is that the number of people who smoke electronic cigarettes that have never been a smoker is very small!