Tips for Avoiding an E-cig Explosion

There’s always a story in the highlights every other month discussing the explosion of an e-cigarette which has become a cause of concern for vaping enthusiasts. Where hundreds and thousands of people are vaping without having to deal with any unpleasant scenario, it is still important to know all the safety measures to avoid this rare phenomenon. People who are new to the world of vaping should pay more attention on how to safely use a vaping product, especially the ones that are actually prone to such malfunction.


Before we move ahead, it is important to make it clear that incidents like the reported explosions are very rare. But still, it is important to not take any chance and learn the procedure to use a device safely.

1- Avoid Low-Quality Products

Always remember that a high-quality device is a safe device and vice versa. E-cig devices that are made in the UK and the USA are high in quality because the manufacturers have to follow various production standards of safety. It is important that you verify the manufacturer of the vaping device before finalizing the purchase because there are a lot of imported e-cigs available in the market that is usually low in quality. We don’t suggest that all imported devices are low-quality because exceptions are always there but buying a vaping product manufactured in UK or USA ensures that you get a device that was manufactured compiling the highest standards of safety.

2- Go for Brand Products

Almost all of the e-cigarettes that caused explosions were unknown brands, the imported ones. You might also encounter fake replicas that offer the same low-quality as various less to unknown brands. No check and balance are bothered during the manufacturing of such devices which can offer a potential threat to the users. You might have to pay extra for a known and reliable brand but the experience and durability will be worth it. Make sure to read reviews even for a specific reputable brand before making the final decision on its purchase.

3- Pay Attention to the Instructions

Many beginners, when un-boxing a new device in excitement, throw away the instructions without reading it carefully even once. Reading the instructions can teach you how to use your e-cig device safely without having to deal with any unpleasant scenario and keep the device operational for a long period of time.

4- Overheating the Atomizer is a Bad Idea

This phenomenon is particularly seen in beginners who hold down the button way too long. There is no logic in holding the button down for more than a couple of seconds. In average, the button is usually held down for a maximum of 5 seconds. Chain vaping is another thing that can cause the overheating of the atomizer.

You can easily tell when an atomizer starts to get overheated. It is normal for devices to get a little warm because of its frequent use but when the atomizers start to overheat the temperature of the device gets a lot much higher. You can change the cartomizer in such situations to give the other one a little rest. It is very important to keep the overheated device away from objects that are flammable in nature to avoid fire. While an overheated atomizer is very unlikely to explode, it can still start a fire given the suitable circumstances and can also cause a heavy damage to your device.

5- Keep your Device from getting Wet

Like any other electronic devices, an electronic cigarette is also supposed to be kept away from water which can serious damage to the device, a malfunction or sparks that can catch flames. Make sure that your device stays dry and away from water for safe operation and durability. Clean your device thoroughly in between the charging sessions using a swipe along with a cotton swab.

The probability of an e-cig fire is very low just like the regular fires but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t practice safety. Media has always portrayed a dark image of the e-cig usage and devices. There is always a major fuss about a related event ending up in the wrong direction. Paying a little attention can help you enjoy vaping more safely, so do it!