Tips on Cleaning Your E-cigaratte

After smoking the traditional cigarettes for a long time, there are some things that you are not sure of. The tradition way has been in existence for long, and the smoker has to put it between the index and central finger. However, with the new way of doing things, it switches from the microphone to lolly pop in the 1st few weeks.

The memories of the old way cannot go unnoticed. For example, one would feel the weight of the packet and the lighter which was a burden to the smoker. Filling the ash tray was done within sometime, and this gave no assurance of any unhygienic situation going on. Well, this gave the notion that this habit was not the best.

Well, smokers should be glad since there is now the electronic cigarette that is refillable. It is also hygienic since it can be cleaned using a cotton bud.

Cleaning your battery

The best thing about the cloudcig e-cigs is that they do not need to be regularly cleaned. This is because they are made in the most hygienically design that makes it easier to use. When you have an expensive possession, all it requires it a good care and regular maintenance that will make, it give you the services for long.

After using the product for a while, you will need to clean it due to some blockage caused by the e-liquid. This is where you are supposed to take the cotton bud and clean the joint of the battery and the cartridge. The product should work well immediately after this cleaning thus giving you the pleasure you are looking for.

Tip Top; when you notice that the debris is still stuck inside the connection, you should use scissors to cut the cotton bud into two equal parts. From this, you will get the required tool that is appropriate for the job.

Cleaning your clearomiser

Another quality thing about the e-cig is that it has premium kits and CloudCig starter that are made to make easier for you. With this, you do not need to refill the cartridges now and then. After using one, all you need is to connect it to a fresh one and then enjoy the product. In every pack of the CloudCig, you will get 3 cartridges meant for your pleasure.

For the regular user of the CloudCig Privileged kit users, you should know that you can make it serve for longer for a longer time by cleaning it smoothly.

The first thing that you need to do is to unscrew the clear miser and the mouthpiece. Using the cotton bud that you own, put it inside the mouthpiece, this is done so to remove any debris or dirt that may get inside.

For more flavor and vapor, you it is advisable that you clean the metal bit that connects straight to the battery by twisting the cotton bud inside it. Doing this, will give you a clean e-cig to use, and you will not worry about any failure of the battery.

In case you use different flavors from the vape, it is good to let it stand in an upright direction by placing it on a towel, preferably a paper one. This is to collect any remaining e-liquid that may hinder you from enjoying new flavor.

Top tip; one should ensure they have a kit full of cotton buds, filters and paper towels to continue using the cigarettes. Do not the clear miser without replacing it regularly.

Using the cotton buds to clean the electronic cigarette will give you that smooth and beautiful taste that you want.