Using An Electronic Cigarette Properly

If you are going to use electronic cigarettes then it stands to reason that you want to use it properly. Whatever flavour you have gone for, you’ll have spent money on getting hold of electronic cigarettes, so make sure you use them in the right way.

New Cartridge Means New Battery

When it is time to replace the cartridge, you should get into the habit of putting in a fully charged battery with it too. This will help to ensure that you get maximum Vapour production and to get the most out of your product.

Store Them Properly

Make sure that you store them with the mouthpiece facing up. This helps to make sure that the e liquid is stored at the top of the cartridge, so it flows the right way when you smoke and you get the most efficient vapour production possible.

Smoke Them In The Right Way

You should smoke e cigarettes slightly differently to how you would a traditional cigarette. When you normally smoke, you probably take sharp quick draws when you puff. When it an e cigarette you should angle is slightly downward angle and take a longer draw. This allows this vapour to be gradually and steadily released so you get the best vapour possible, as well as the lovely flavour you have chosen to buy.

Shake It Up

If you feel like your electronic cigarette isn’t giving you as much vapour as it did before then try taking it apart. Give it a shake and leave it with the mouth piece facing upwards for 5 minutes. You should find that when you do this and then put it back together that you’ll get a much better vapour production.