Vaping Etiquette


Electronic cigarettes have revolutionized cigarette smoking by making it possible for smokers to vape almost anywhere, without exposing those close-by to toxic gases and fumes.  Although vaping provides a clean way to quench your nicotine thirst, it doesn’t give you the right to vape however you wish. You need to be considerate of other people (especially nonsmokers) who may consider it offensive. Although there may be no set of rules on how one should vape, some vaping etiquette is required while vaping. You cannot just fish out and e-cig and start vaping anywhere.


Some of the most significant rules governing good vaping etiquette include:

  • Don’t vape in congested areas
  • Follow vaping  guidelines
  • Be considerate
  • Stop cloud chasing


Vaping in Congested Areas


Although electronic cigarettes do not emit anything dangerous, non-smokers may consider it unfit especially if you choose to vape in congested areas.  This could also make some people to launch complaints on the same. If you really need to vape, consider asking people around you for permission, or look for an isolated place to vape. If there is a ‘NO VAPING’ sign, you can then ask the staff for help, or head to the washrooms.


Follow Vaping Guidelines


While vaping in public places may be allowed in most states, some areas don’t allow the same. Some workplaces and even premises will have a clear “No Smoking” and ”No Vaping” sign, meaning you can’t vape either. Vaping here could land you into many problems. You can however avoid this by asking for help on where you vape without invading anyone’s privacy or breaking the rules.


Being Considerate


Electronic cigarettes are only recommended for persons over the legal age. Just as you would with the regular cigarettes, it would be wise to choose your vaping zone carefully. If there are children or sick people around, it would be advisable to look for another place to vape. Although there may be no restrictive signs, you should have morals to consider when and where to smoke.  Choosing an appropriate vaping zone is recommended, even if it means stepping outside for a few minutes to quench your thirst.


Stop Cloud Chasing


Electronic cigarettes have more capabilities than the regular cigarettes do. Most of these mods, for instance, have the capacity to produce dense clouds of smoke (vapor).  Cloud chasing (puffing voluminous clouds of vapor) is becoming a popular habit with most vapers today. While it may seem cool to you, this act could be irritating to other people.  CloudCig chasing is therefore unacceptable in public areas. If you have to do it, look for fellow vapers or do it alone in your room.


As long as people can follow good vaping etiquette, vapers or the act of vaping wouldn’t disgust other people.  More people will have something good to relate it to, thus making it acceptable. Having these rules in mind whenever you carry your e-cig would therefore be a wise and welcome idea.