Vaping Recognised As A Real Word!

As e-cigarettes are still quite new on the market, you probably still get people ask you what ‘vaping’ is if you ever mention it. Now if they do ask you, you can simply tell them to look it up the dictionary.

OxfordvapingThe Oxford Dictionary has recognised that vape, vaping and e-cig are words that have all increased in use over the past two years and so they have added these words to the online version of their dictionary.

Other new words that have been added include:

  • Listicle – a list about the best TV shows to watch
  • Binge-watch – watch a number of TV series episodes back to back
  • Live-tweeting – Send tweets about a TV show whilst the show is on.
  • Bank of mum and dad – Getting money from your parents
  • YOLO – You only live once

They have monitoring programmes which track the words and phrases that people use on social media so that they can see what needs to be incorporated into the newest dictionary versions. Their lest information showed that words like ‘sideboob’ and ‘adorbs’ are increasing in popularity too!