What Are The World Health Organisation Saying About Electronic Cigarettes

This week the World Health Organisation (WHO) have released details on a report into electronic cigarettes and unfortunately it doesn’t always make very nice reading! They have also made some questionable choices when it comes to their social media – which seems to have been designed to cause fear amongst vapers, something that we feel is highly unnecessary.

So, What Did WHO Have To Say?

Well the good news is that they have agreed that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco, even if it is an admission they have made through gritted teeth. However they have more or less admitted that they don’t like them with the recommendations they have made – including make electronic cigarettes only being available in tobacco flavour, a ban on advertising and only being able to use them outdoors – all of which is not needed.

So Why Mention It?

Mainly because WHO have a freedom of speech and we believe in bringing you all of the news about this industry, so you can make your own informed decisions. Also because we wanted to tell you about a man they are trying to take to court because he used a parody of their log on his business stationary. He has since removed it but with a critique of their products which they are threatening court action over if this is not removed.

The man behind this, Clive, feels that WHO are setting out to do harm to the electronic cigarette industry and it is something that he feels is not needed. In his letter to WHO (which they are very unhappy about) he says:

“Perhaps you could also consider the risk of vaping bans implicit in Professor Britton’s comment: that banning indoor vaping everywhere will drive people back to smoking or mean they never switch and continue to smoke. Nowhere in your paper for COP-6 do you even recognise this is a risk, let alone attempt to assess it – yet it is one reason why your proposal would do more harm to health than it prevents, if implemented. I hope this will cause you to pause and reflect on what you are doing and to consider your responsibilities as an international civil servant. WHO needs to provide sound proportionate and reasoned analysis, not pseudo-scientific spin. To do otherwise will mean the organisation will lose confidence and trust – not just in its handling of tobacco issues.”

Supporting The Cause

Of course this is nothing new, we feel the same as Clive and so do many other people! In fact if you look on Twitter you’ll see lots of people have changed their profile picture to the logo Clive tried to use to show their support of his (our?) cause!

So while we bring you the WHO news, we wanted to show you what we believe is the reasons behind their news and why we think it is unnecessary for them to release the negative report that they have.