When Is Vaping Good?

You might assume that vaping all the time is ideal, but that is not really the case. Although technically you can vape in most places choosing to do so during a wedding or a formal meeting is probably not recommended! We spoke to 100 of you to see what you had to say and here’s what we can up with.

Most Popular Times

We gave people sections to tick from and it seems that most people couldn’t agree, with 27% of people ticking ‘another time’. However in second place with 21% came after some food/with a drink with first thing in the morning and during breaks at working coming join 3rd place with 16% of the vote. Probably not all that different to traditional smoker choices I would imagine

Favourite Time To Vape

When we started asking people the best time to vape, we were a bit worried. However most of you kept it clean with vague answers just as all of the time, or any time during the day. In fact it seems that people don’t really have a favorite time to vape with a general message of ‘when I fancy one’ coming out on top.

Do Vapers Feel Differently?

We thought we would look at different types of vapers and whether this would affect the information we came up with. It seems that people who have made a complete switch from traditional cigarettes to e cigarettes choose after food or with drink as their best times. Whereas those who use both cigarettes and e cigarettes choose smoking breaks at work as their favorite. People who classed themselves as occasional users found their favorite time to be on nights out.

Long Term Results

What did change things slightly was now long people had been vaping. People who were very new to using these tended to like their smoking breaks at work best. However people who had been using for over 2 years preferred theirs after some food.

Age also affected things with under 24 year olds liking their vape in the morning where as those between 25 and 34 preferring a vape during their breaks at work, the same as those aged 45-54. People aged 35-44 and 55-64 liked theirs with a drink where as those over 65 liked theirs after some food.