Why Are Electronic Cigarettes Better Than Cigarettes?

It is easy to list all of the benefits you’ll get by using electronic cigarettes rather than tobacco cigarettes but often the real benefits are something much more personal. We know that electronic cigarettes are cheaper and healthier, but is that the reason people use them?

We spoke to just over 100 people about why they use electronic cigarettes and the main benefits they have seen – you might find the result surprising!

Over 40% of the people questioned said that the thing they loved most about electronic cigarettes was the lack of smell. It was mentioned that when you use vaping rather than tobacco cigarettes you don’t get the smell of smoke on your clothes etc and people loved this the most! In close 2nd place was joint winners were the money that people saved and the fact that you can use these anywhere you want. People also liked the fact that electronic cigarettes come in a variety of flavours.

What Else We Found Out

The research that we carried out was actually quite interesting. Out of everyone asked we found that 73% of people who took part now only used electronic cigarettes rather than tobacco cigarettes as well. However 16% of people asked like to use both intermittently and 7% of people said that they only use electronic cigarettes every now and then.

It is quite interesting when you break down these statistics into different age brackets. When we looked at 18-24 years they didn’t mind the smell so much and instead their top benefit of using electronic cigarettes was the fact that they could use these indoors! However there seemed to be no difference of opinion when we broke it down into genders.

What Do You Look For In An E-Cig?

When we asked people what they looked for in an electronic cigarette most people said that a range of flavours was important although the amount of nicotine in a cigarette and value for money was also listed as quite important!