Why Electronic Cigarettes Popular With Smokers!

The electronic cigarette is popular today because e cigs offer the same experience of smoking a regular cigarette, but without the smell and harm associated with smoking tobacco.


Also, smokers seem to like e-cigs “they are better for your health,” says one long-time smoker.

“I used to have a bad cough due to the nicotine and other stuff I was inhaling with cigarette tobacco smoke. I switched to e-cigs because I needed to stop inhaling those harmful vapors into my lungs,” the smoker added while also noting changes in his lifestyle at home.

“My wife never liked the smell that comes from tobacco smoke. She was much happier when I switched to electronic cigarettes,” the smoker added.

E Cigs widely popular

The e-cigarettes sold today look like a real tobacco cigarettes. In turn, these electronic inhalers seem to be popular with smokers not just for the look, but because smokers say “they offer the same pleasure as real cigarettes.”

For example, one happy electronic inhaler customer commented online about how much she appreciated “not being exposed to that smoke that we know causes cancer and lung disease.”

The customer went on to say that she didn’t switch to electronic cigarettes “just because they’re so popular, but because it’s much safer for me to puff on an electronic one over a real cigarette.”

Thus, even passive smokers say it’s “just common sense that if you smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes you’re harming your lungs; while that’s not the case with electronic smokes.”

E cigarettes satisfy like real smokes

When it comes to the enjoyment that smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette offers, there is “no different both from the physical and mental side of things with smoking pleasure that comes from e cigarettes,” explained on fan of these electronic cigarettes.

For example, the smoker said that after switching from his brand of traditional tobacco cigarettes — for electronic ones –he found the same physical and psychological enjoyment with his new e-cigs.

The smoker said: “I was surprised that the electronic smokes really satisfied my mental urges for a cigarette. The electronic smokes also gave me that physical peace of mind that comes after lighting up a real cigarette. So I asked myself ‘why smoke expensive tobacco cigarette brands that harm my health, when I can get the same kick from the electronics.”

The smoker then took a long hit off his vapor cigarette, and said “it’s most satisfying. I’m glad a made the switch.”

Electronic cigs taste great

The question that traditional smokers of cigarettes usually ask fans of the electronic version centers on the area of taste.

For instance, most tobacco smokers note their enjoyment of “the taste” when smoking.

In turn, electronic smoking devices are said to also offer great taste when enjoying this modern alternative to breathing in smoke from traditional cigarettes.

“It’s like I’ve gone green or more health conscious for both myself and the environment when I made the switch to E-cigarettes,” explained one smoker. “I was always concerned about second hand smoke being harmful to both people and our environment. However, I wasn’t about to give up smoking. So I thought long and hard and decided that it’s time to go green, so to speak, and make the switch to more environmentally green smoke that comes from using vapor cigarettes over the real ones.”

Overall, the switch from real cigarettes to e-cigarettes seems to be catching on both nationwide and internationally with numerous online and retail outlets selling this new experience in smoking.

In addition, more and more old school smokers are making the switch from being traditional smokers to modern smokes with this new alternative to smoking tobacco for one’s health and enjoyment.