Why Vaping Is Better Then Smoking!

Smokers tend to have a natural feeling of curiosity and contempt towards e-cig usage and this feeling mixed feeling is completely legitimate. It is always their choice if they want to smoke or not but when you take a look at the collective research findings reported in the past or of today, you will find that smoking is slowly losing its grounds among even the most passionate smokers because of the serious health hazards that have been and are now being nominated. While smoking is being frowned upon more than ever by the health experts and the general public, if you are a smoker then you may find yourself looking at the most famous alternative these days.



A lot of smokers when thinking about quitting regular tobacco cigarettes and switching onto vaping usually have two main questions in their minds, can e-cigs provide me with the same amount of nicotine intake that I’m used to? And the other question being, will I really get all the health benefits that make vaping so popular among ex-smokers? If you’d interview any ex-smoker with these questions on hand then you will always get a better than positive feedback.

What Vapers Claim

If you’d do some research on your own and ask people about their experience of switching onto vaping, you would stumble across some similar findings as mentioned below.

  • Health Benefits: E-cig usage has trended so fast in the past few years that health professionals are still catching up with it and on consultation with a health expert, you are very likely to get mixed reviews about the comparison between smoking and vaping. A couple of clinical studies that have been carried out so far although still indicate that vaping is a far healthier option as compared to smoking. The latest research carried out in the Great Britain indicates that vaping is 95 % healthier than smoking.
  • Better Social Experience: A lot of smokers have to face isolation, and in some cases embarrassment in public gathering because of their habits. The intense smell created by smoking is one of the main reasons why a lot of public and private institutions have placed a ban on smoking. Another major cause is the potential health hazards offered by passive smoking. On the other hand, if you look at e-cig vapors, they leave minimum to undetectable smell on their exhale which make them very favorable for public usage without having a fear of discomforting someone else.
  • Cost Efficient: In general, smokers who burn through a pack of cigarette also burn up to £9 a day which can easily add up to £260 on a monthly basis. A reasonable e-cig might cost up to £290 on a one time purchase but the fact these devices are reusable saves you a lot more money on a monthly basis as compared to smoking. You only have to spend £20-30 a month on e-liquid refills and the rest you can save up over time. So much of an expense difference between these two acts is caused by the higher taxation of tobacco cigarettes.

After reading this article, it’s entirely up to you whether you want to continue with your costly and unhealthy habit or whether you want to switch onto the wiser act. Still the facts and figures will always make you reflect because of the increasing number of people who’ve said goodbye to their ill habit for vaping. Maybe now or later, you won’t be able to ignore the benefits offered by e-cigs and switch, so if later then why not now?