Why Vaping Is Huge In The UK!

Whether it may be a unique and exotic e-liquid or a high-tech e-cig mod, the vape market in the UK, with a growing number of more than 1,500 suppliers, can answer to all of your needs. An estimate, by Euromonitor, indicates that the people from the “Vaping Kingdom” spent upwards of £800 million on vaping and related products in 2015 alone, which is a tremendously huge figure as compared to the French who spent £290 million and the Germans who purchased vaping products worth more than £230 million in the same year. We couldn’t help highlight the reasons that contributed to the success of vaping culture in the Britain.


1- Great Britain Introduced Great Modified E-Cigs

E-cigs might not be invented in the UK because the patented invention was made in the US and the version we call the e-cigs was introduced by China but if you talk about the modern day box mods and high-tech modified electronic cigarettes that revolutionized the vaping industry were invented in the Great Britain.

The very first mod was invented in a garden shed by a group of amateur English inventors originating from Newark. These brilliant minds got introduced to each other on vaping forums where they use to share their knowledge with each other and the rest of the community. A community that has grown into an interest group comprising millions of people who bond together on their mutual love for vaping. Vaping brings people together. *wiping tears*

2- High Taxes on Tobacco Cigarettes keep the Doctor Away

Throughout the European Union, Britain regulates the highest amount of taxes on tobacco cigarettes. Every smoker pays almost £6.50 in taxes for every £10 spent on cigarettes which ultimately makes vaping a lot cheaper alternative for people who crave nicotine. According to a study carried out by Euromonitor, the possibility of saving 90% of the money on electronic cigarettes as compared to a pack of cigarettes makes vaping a desirable option. This is the reason why vaping is more popular in underprivileged areas, for example, three times more e-cig shops are located in the North West as compared to London.

People who suggest an implementation of taxes on electronic cigarettes should pay an attention to the fact that lower taxes on the vaping equipment also depicts the price sensitiveness of vapers as opposed to higher sales taxes on combustible cigarettes. A lot of people who switched to vaping for the sake of maintaining a better health would definitely move back to tobacco smoking if the taxes on e-cigarettes would be marginalized with those of tobacco cigarettes. One can only imagine the progress of turning people to a safer alternative going all in vain.

3- The Governmental Approach towards Vaping is Lenient 

If you compare the vaping scenario with other countries like Denmark, Australia and a couple of Canadian states where vaping is almost illegal, you will realize that the UK government is pretty cool about the subject of vaping in comparison. A good thing that the British government did was asking the health professionals to conduct studies on the effects of vaping. Public Health Department of England states that vaping is 95% less harmful as compared to smoking. With these latest finding, NHS is actually promoting the usage of e-cigs among regular cigarette smokers to help them quit their bad.

E-cig usage is a major influence that is causing the fall of tobacco smoking and nicotine intake throughout the UK. To be more explicit, a lot of smokers in the UK are switching to electronic cigarette so they can quit smoking, and many of them further reduce their nicotine intake in steps with the help of a variety of e-liquids that they can choose from that serve this option.

But then again, nicotine withdrawal is not that big of a concern when compared to thousands of harmful ingredients that tobacco cigarettes have to offer. Only 0.2% of people, who vape, are the ones who never smoked a regular cigarette in their life. This latest study single-handedly voids the statement that vaping can be a gateway to smoking because the majority of vapers are the ones who have switched from smoking to vaping.